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Nov 28, 2012 6:00am PST
are married and whose marriage is recognized, people like new york city council speaker christine and her wife. >> stephanie: aaron, i'm so sorry, we're out of time. but go oat the out magazine. we're out of time. thank you so much. >> caller: thank you. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. back with representative john yarmuth next. drop on the pitcher's mound. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> you mean the boys are talking about what to do with the extra coins? i'm renting a clown and did i. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> and i really under estimated the creepiness. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welc
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am PST
all over new york city, it's trying to use her notoriety to sell the movie. they have these little words like a bush speech in the background child star, sex scandal. it actually makes liz and dick look wholesome. >> that's going to be an awful movie. >> i'd like to see her straighten it out. >> speaking of questions this has been my morning long session. did you hear this on meet meet the press? this is the question david gregory asked. >> you see senator assume her a role for governor romney in this process, the president to bring him in to save the negotiations over the fiscal cliff. >> are you out of your freaking mind? >> it would be nice if they would. no republican governors are going to talk to romney again. >> on the west wing, when jim. >> i smits won he asked his opponent to be his secretary of state. >> that doesn't mean life is like that. that's why i'm afraid about john kerry. everybody is saying he's going to be offered secretary of state. >> now huntsman is the rumor the other white meat. interesting. >> stephanie: so now the i love this, this is a great piece. tea
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
! >> stephanie: oh, come on, now. that was fairly epic. at the beacon theatre in new york city, the first four-way interracial trisexual teabagging demonstration with don and aisha and hal and i. >> rob reiner didn't get in on it? >> stephanie: rob reiner deteabagged me -- teabagged me separately. >> that has fox news written all over it. gretchen carlson would get all up in her grill about. >> stephanie: you know what they are all -- this is the new conspiracy theory. new benghazi. they cannot let go of their benghazi blanky. the faux benghazi gate scandal is jim clapper. he was appointed by george bush. george -- bush is in this, too. clinton, he lied about the source of changes to talking points. on the benghazi attack given to u.s. ambassador susan rice. he debunked accusations made by john mccain and other republicans. the white house changed rice's benghazi talking voice for political reasons. he said no, it was the intelligence community so mccain appeared to accept the new information but wondered why clapper
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3